From Family Recipe to Worldwide Sensation

Gripps Gourmet LLC was born out of a family recipe that quickly was a hit among friends and family. Whenever there was a gathering, i would make a delicious flavorful sauce and pour it all over crabs, lobster,potatoes and brocholli and corn dish. I received rave reviews and people wanted more.

Fast forward i moved to Los Angeles to pursue my acting career, thats where i met my now husband. After finally tasting my savory Gourmet Butter over a delicious meal that i prepared. he said to me " This is amazing, you should put this in the market's" i said "what should i call it?" He said GRIPPS, Gripps with 2P's becasue it really does GRIPP to your food. After some serious thoughts of his encouraging words for me to share this recipe with people all around the world, I took his advice and GRIPPS WE ARE TODAY!

Years later, after many attempts to get it right, Gripps Gourmet LLC was finally born. We use GRIPPS on veal,steak chicken,bread,fish,eggs,grits,pasta, veggies, toast,Heck, we use GRIPPS On EVERYTHING! Today, we pride ourselves on using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, and our spreads and butters continue to be a hit with customers all around the world. 

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